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Simplifying programmatic
without limiting options

AI Digital helps navigate the vast world of programmatic advertising by delivering unrivaled access, thoughtful strategy, robust campaign management, and ultimately desired media results.





AI Digital Provides:

Complete Access:

  • Accounts with major demand platforms & partnerships that give us all the supply, targeting, formats, screens and data you could ever need;

  • Vision across all options to choose & anticipate performance;

  • No media commitments or preferential deals - we do what’s best for your goals

AI Digital Provides:

Instant infrastructure

Campaigns and Advertisers come and go. With AI Digital you will have a team on hand to execute and manage your programmatic campaigns without having to carry the overhead of a full-time staff. This allows you flexibility to pitch & win business knowing you’ll have the ability to deliver.

We staff for customer service & continued success, not for sales. Our goal is always-on service that makes you feel good about your choice.

We Offer:

Outcome–Based Solutions & Results from Real Partnership

planning &


execution &

reporting &


Having the right tools doesn’t mean much without the ability to know how and when to use them.

AI Digital has a robust team of experts that range from platform specialist, device strategists, optimization masters, and account managers to maximize the value of every campaign.

Functional Intelligence

Without good analytics, 97% of online marketing campaigns fail.

AI Digital has a robust team of experts that range from platform specialist, device strategists, optimization masters, and account managers to maximize the value of every campaign.

We will deliver a robust analytics report that details a combination of metrics pertaining to the primary KPIs of applications completed as well as the secondary KPIs of website traffic, funnel performance, customer profiles, geography, vertical assessments, channel and content performance.

What AI
Can Do For You


Enhance programmatic capabilities

AI operates across all programmatic media types, from display to mobile to CTV



AI is platform agnostic, flexible across supply and always optimizes to your KPIs


Extend your team

AI is committed to synching with your goals while providing you with a round-the-clock support team and industry best customer service


Gain fle

AI accommodates our client needs, from single campaign management to a complete programmatic partnership

We Offer:

Nice words from our clients

Finding vendors who can successfully drive performance and hit our strict Cost Per Acquisition goals has always been a struggle- A.i. Digital however, has been an exception.

Whether we’re working on Social, Display or even Search, A.i. Digital’s performance has been far and away superior to any other vendor we have worked with, including our in-house performance e-commerce team. During Q4 of 2018, A.i. Digital managed to lower our Cost Per Order over 35% from the previous year while helping deliver over 20% more volume than expected.

Beyond exceeding our KPI goals, A.i. Digital has provided us with first-class customer service and has always responded to any request, big or small, in a timely and professional manner.

Robb Lazenby

Chief Marketing Officer

My biggest challenge as the Chief Marketing Officer of Long Island University is driving interest in our hundreds of undergraduate & graduate degree programs and making sure our events and open houses are well attended throughout the year.

Due to their experience with numerous universities in the past, A.i. Digital understood our complex needs as a college and has been flexible enough to make changes to our digital marketing programs in a timely manner while maintaining quality campaigns and constantly improving performance.

Scott Schoen

CMO of Long Island University

As the Head of Programmatic at my agency it is important for me to evaluate all vendors by Transparency, Customer Service, Performance, Reporting & Flexibility- A.i. Digital checks every box for us.

Whether we need to optimize & pay on a viewable CPM for video, hit a certain Cost Per Action on Display, or need complex reporting and analysis sent over within an hour, A.i. Digital has always been able to fulfill any of our needs and be a perfect partner to our agency.

Having worked with and evaluated more vendors than I could count, I can state with confidence that A.i. Digital is the best digital partner I have encountered & I highly recommend them.

Austin Strauss

Head of Programmatic Involved Media